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Moving Out

In love with her best friend who has just married someone else, a young college student, still living at home, becomes confounded by faith and ultimately must risk telling her parents who she really is in order to save herself.

Writer & Director

Festivals & Awards


Rachel Earnest 
Rachel Earnest and Ashley Monti
Rachel Earnest and Ashley Monti
Snow Bird Productions, Film Independent Fiscal Sponsor
Winner Jury Prize City of Angeles Women's Film Festival
Best Short Film Female FilmOut San Diego 
Best Supporting Actress San Diego Film Awards
Best LGBTQ Short Film at San Diego Film Week 

San Diego International Film Festival 
Macon Film Festival
San Diego Film Week
The Shawna Shea Memorial Film Festival 
Best LGBTQ short nominee at Atlanta Women's Film Festival
Rockport Film Festival
SENE Film Festival
The Soho London Independent Film Festival
Los Angeles Women in Film Festival
Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival
Los Angeles International Film Festival
Desperado LGBTQ Film Festival
South Europe International Film Festival
HollyShorts Monthly Series
Red Rock Film Festival
Sydney Women's International Film Festival
Green Jack International Film Festival 


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