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                VIOLA, FRANCA                      


It's Sicily in 1965, and Franca is forced to marry her rapist to avoid becoming a pariah in her traditionalist community, but she rebels against the established custom and sets a precedent that alters the course of Italian history, paving the way for women's rights.


Director and Writer, Marta Savina | Producer, Marta Savina, Tatiana Vecchio, Gregory J Rossi

Cinematographer | Topher Osborn

Emmy Award, Best Drama  | Emmy Award, Bricker Humanitarian Award | Official Selection Tribeca Film Festival,  Corto in Concorso David di Donatello  Length | 15 minutes  Trailer | IMDB 

             THE STATION                  


Stuck inside a bus station on Christmas Eve, Rick, an emotionally closed off man, is visited by a peculiar stranger who helps him figure out the terms of his relationship with his estranged younger brother.

Director, Daniel Foerste | Writer, Jimmy Mosqueda |  Producer, Carolyn Mao  | Stars, Justin Lee Wilson, Elliot Fletcher, Calpernia Addams, 

Pancho CardenaJorchual Gregory Vargas

Official Selection San Francisco Transgender Film Festival | Durban Gay and Lesbian Film Festival | Length, 12 minutes | Trailer | IMDB



Heading towards Mars, aboard a space vessel the last of humanity must find a way to procreate.  

Director, Brittany Fennell | Writer, Diana Ly | Producer, Marion Brooks | Executive Producer, Francisco Velasquez | Cinematography by, Kalilah Robinson | Stars, Lauren Neal, Sumalee Montano, Larry Powell  | Trailer | IMDB 



A man goes on a trip to find his estranged father and unexpectedly runs into a woman escaping her own demons.

Director, Christopher de las Alas | Writer, Ramona Young | Stars, Ramona Young,  Dante Graves,  Matt Ukena IMDB 

         VENUS TRANSIT           


Iris, an old astrophysicist, needs to reach Palomar to keep the promise she made to her late husband to watch the transit of Venus. She finds a driver and eventually an unexpected friend in chick-lit novelist, Hannah.


Director and Writer, Giulia Corda | USC School of Cinematic Arts, Screenwriting Grant  |Tribeca Film Institute, Filmmaker Fund, Production Award | Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Award



An emotionally unstable writer accidentally bumps into her ex boyfriend in a Los Angeles hotel.            


Director and Writer, Romina Carrisi Power | Official Selection New York Short Film Festival  TrailerIMDB


After accidentally witnessing the 'birds and the bees' in action, eight-year-old Norma Jeane embarks on a quest against her strict, Italian father to understand sex, and in the process, love.

Director, Joshua Demers | Writer, Laura Notarianni | Official Selection of the Montreal World Film Festival  | Trailer | IMDB

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